The Purpose


A sense of play, curiosity and wonder is the antidote to modern influences that are disconnecting us from our planet. It has been proven that play is critical for us to stay healthy, happy and creative as it brings a deep sense of joy to the soul and a wide smile to our faces. Kids instinctively play from the day they are born until at some point it becomes unacceptable, and is often lost forever.


I believe we need to reignite this passion for play in adults, to intentionally tap into our deep inner reservoir of playful creativity, and to enjoy the wonder of nature. Personally, play makes me feel deeply nourished and satisfied to the bone, and it is the vast blue ocean that is my playground.

Share the Wonder

We only love and care for what we know and the ocean offers an amazing sense of wonder that is vastly unknown to most of us. I have a strong feeling of gratitude that everything on this planet is one big miracle – the colors our eyes can see, the sounds our ears can hear, the tastes our palettes can sense, the touch our hands can feel. My goal is to share this sense of wonder and appreciation to create a greater sense of personal responsibility for our actions.


I have chosen to partner with Conservation International (CI) who envision healthy oceans benefiting all life on Earth in perpetuity. CI is building the tools, partnerships and programs to address the pressures on the ocean. The CI long-term goal is to safeguard the world’s essential ocean and coastal biodiversity and most productive ecosystems in order to maximize the long-term ecological, social and economic benefits for people and nature.

Deep Nature Connection

The adventure will allow Terence and the team to build a deeper connection with nature and the Hawaiian aloha spirit. What we will experience:

– Frolic and play in the pristine blue Pacific waters
– Sleep on the deck under a blanket of stars
– Learn about Hawaiian traditions and customs
– Hear the unique sounds and flow of the ocean
– Eat wholesome local foods from the land and sea
– Be immersed in the magic of nature