The Purpose

Play more, Consume less

I live a an intentional and healthy life and want to spread a simple message,
“Play more, Consume less”.


We need to PLAY more and take the time to let the world inspire awe in us. To look beyond the piles of plastic on a beach to the beauty of the waves and mountains. To think about how the land and ocean takes care of all of us. I believe a sense of play, curiosity and wonder is the antidote to modern influences that are disconnecting us from our planet. For me, the vast blue ocean is my playground and it makes me feel deeply nourished and satisfied to the bone.


We need to CONSUME less and start taking account of own own daily life. Look at the products that we buy, think about how they were made, and what waste was created in their beginnings and end. Know that your choices matter and our voices are powerful in demanding something different. This is how positive change happens, with individuals in local communities.


I have chosen to partner with and donate 100% of funds raised to a grassroots local non-profit called Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii (SCH), because they are making a real impact and not just talking about it. They have a small full-time team but have a considerable amount of volunteer support who get together regularly to conduct hands-on beach cleanups. SCH also provide educational programs in local communities and provide waste diversion services for large scale events like professional surfing contests. They even have the support of Jason Momoa, “Aquaman”, who raised money for SCH (early May 2019) on Ellen Degeneres show.

Deep Nature Connection

The adventure will allow Terence and the team to build a deeper connection with nature and the Hawaiian aloha spirit. What we will experience:

– Frolic and play in the pristine blue Pacific waters
– Sleep on the deck under a blanket of stars
– Learn about Hawaiian traditions and customs
– Hear the unique sounds and flow of the ocean
– Eat wholesome local foods from the land and sea
– Be immersed in the magic of nature